About Us

We are from the beautiful South Pacific country of Papua New Guinea, we are a group of dedicated volunteers with an interest in community development for the rural majority in our region of the country. We don't just talking about development; we are making it happen through innovative business projects, all designed to funnel profits back into our communities.

We are a non-profit our initiatives are about more than making money. They're about creating a brighter future for our communities who face so many challenges. We have spent time with community leaders training them on good governance, we have programs for the sick, the elderly and the marginalised in our communities we celebrate local culture, and ensure that every penny earned goes towards essential community improvements like better schools, healthcare, and clean water.

The journey isn't easy. Challenges are plenty, but we have a clear goal and a long term view. We fundraise from within our volunteer group, and with our initiatives But at the core, it's about our community, working hand in hand, to build a self-sustaining future.

We hope you may consider supporting us.